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  • Santa Barbara County Educational Article of the Month - Common Snakes of Santa Barbara County

Common Snakes of Santa Barbara County

There is a diverse range of favorable conditions that attract several reptile species to Santa Barbara County. The easy to find cozy and cool shelters along with lots of food sources make it a safe place for snakes to live. Experts reveal that there are 22 different snake species in Santa Barbara County but out of them, only three are reported to be dangerous. These scary creatures keep on visiting dry areas including barns, outbuildings, garages and rock walls. Generally, these snakes keep on doing their task if not disturbed but once you mess with them, they can show the aggressive side of them. List of common snakes of Santa Barbara County includes Western Milk, Western Ribbon, Northern Black Racer, Western Hognose, Ringneck Snake and Garter Snake. Names of three venomous snakes found in Santa Barbara County are Canebrake Rattlesnake, Western Massasauga Rattlesnake, and Copperhead.

Common Snakes of Santa Barbara County:

1. Rat Snakes:
The black and grey rat snakes are commonly seen in Santa Barbara County. They live on rats, mice, lizards and venomous copper head snakes. Experts say that they prefer to visit residential areas, but the fact is that they can control the count of venomous snakes in your area. Many people confuse them with venomous copperhead snakes.

2. Garter Snake:
Another commonly sighted snake of Santa Barbara County is Garter Snake that is also known as Garden Snake or Gardener Snake. These snakes are available in a variety of color and length throughout PA, and they prefer to create habitats in wet areas where they can find toads and frogs to eat.

3. Northern Water Snake:
It may appear same as venomous California cottonmouth snake, but the Northern Water snakes are not so harmful to human beings. If you threaten this snake, it may coil up and snap. Experts say that there are least chances to spot Cottonmouth snake in Santa Barbara County, but many times this poor water snake is mistaken to be that venomous snake.

Venomous Snakes of Santa Barbara County:

1. Northern Copperhead:
Although this venomous California snake does not like to fight with humans if you cause a disturbance, it may show the aggressive side of it in self-defense. Northern Copperhead snake is commonly spotted near rock slides, fields, forests, ledges, and rocks. It can grow up to 24-36 inches in length with larger, triangular head.

2. Western Massasauga Rattlesnake:
Here is another lesser known rattlesnake of Santa Barbara County but it is widely spread in farther west and Ohio regions. The most preferred locations of this venomous snake are prairies, wet meadows, and wetlands. It can grow up to 18-40 inches long and have a thick body. It can be identified by its darker blotches and active nature.

3. Western Garter Snake:
This California snake is mostly found near water-rich areas, but sometimes it may be spotted near forests and backyards as well. Even the fully grown Western Garter Snake can grow up to 20 to 28 inches length. It can be identified from two rows of red and black spots on its white/cream belly. However, the upper portion of the body appears dark brown or green in color.

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