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  • Santa Barbara County Educational Article of the Month - Will the Santa Barbara County animal services help me with a wild animal issue?

Will the Santa Barbara County animal services help me with a wild animal issue?

If you have your own home, then you know there are things that almost always need to be fixed or taken care of. Houses require a lot of maintenance. All kinds of things can happen. However, there are some things that might happen when you're least expecting them. What happens if an animal gets into your home, or you have an issue with individual nuisance animals on your property? There are places you can call that will help. However, it honestly depends on what type of animal you're dealing with and where you live.

There is a multitude of Santa Barbara County animals that like to investigate where humans live, and with the human population growing and the animal population diminishing, more and more animals are venturing out of their safe zones. Some might be looking for food while others might be searching for a place to call their own. Others might be in search of a safe place—away from predators—to have their young.

Whatever the case may be, not all California animal agencies will come out and assist. One animal that the county nor the city will likely help you with is a squirrel issue. Squirrels are bushy-tailed menaces that are almost impossible to get rid of. They live in trees and sometimes in people's attics. If a squirrel gets into your home, you can call animal services, but it is likely that they will only give you ways to get them out.

Now, if a Santa Barbara County raccoon were to get into your attic, then you'd need to call animal control. Raccoons might seem like they are cute and fluffy, but, they are mean and vicious, especially when cornered. If you live out of the city limits, then you'd need to call the county wildlife offices.

Animal control and California wildlife conservation departments are two entirely different companies. One is to help control—most of the time eliminate—while the conservation department is more likely to do a relocation. If you are facing a pest problem like rats and mice, then neither organization will respond because rats and mice are considered vermin. Therefore, you would need to call an exterminator.

Before you call anyone, it is always best to adequately assess the situation. Is there more than one animal? What kind of Santa Barbara County animal is it? Are you or your family or pets in any sort of danger? Have they done damage to your house? These are all critical questions to consider when dealing with wild animals. Some animals are merely curious and will most often move on without recourse. However, there are others out there that will move in and gladly take shelter in the home you have so lovingly created.

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